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Evolving minerals

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The theory seems reasonable to me. To quote:

“Biochemical processes may thus be responsible, either directly or indirectly, for most of the Earth’s 4,300 known mineral species,” the study states.

“Mineral evolution is obviously different from Darwinian evolution-minerals don’t mutate, reproduce or compete like living organisms,” said Hazen in a statement announcing the study’s findings. “But we found both the variety and relative abundances of minerals have changed dramatically over more than 4.5 billion years of Earth’s history.

“For at least 2.5 billion years, and possibly since the emergence of life, Earth’s mineralogy has evolved in parallel with biology,” Hazen added. “One implication of this finding is that remote observations of the mineralogy of other moons and planets may provide crucial evidence for biological influences beyond Earth.”

One wonders, if this is the case, how much the growing subterranean biomass has influenced this “evolution.” This is the theoretic, super-massive collection of various single-cell and small multi-cellular that may exist in pockets / layers between the earth’s crust and mantle. If such a thing does exist (as of yet, still unproven), it is estimated that the biomass would exceed all other life on earth (sea, land, and air). The real Living Gaia, so to speak.

Yes, I am…

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A technology whore… it’s true! I don’t know what it is about about handheld multifunction devices that give me a full-on robot chubby. Probably the massive amount of sci-fi injested as a child. I do want to live in the house of next tuesday, but I’ll pass on the plankton.

Anyway, I got a new phone last week. She’s pretty. Some compatibility problems with older software and the new device, as they opted to turn some of the softkeys into real “soft keys.” I.E. hardware buttons went bye-bye. The tilt sensor is amusing, and I’m beginning to like the Manilla touch interface… now that I’ve actually figured out how to customize it a bit.

As I cannot help myself when it comes to dicking around with electronics (my mother would tell you horror stories of hundreds of disassembled toys), I’ve already swapped out the OS for a modified one (thank you, Mr. NATF). Much faster now, but the gps has decided to take a crap for some reason. That’s karma, folks.

-edit- GPS issue resolved. Go me!

POWDER 109 Released

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Grab it here. Jeebus, that was fast… 108 just came out a few weeks ago…

Monty Python Wins!

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Right friggin’ on!

Fun Friday Link Time… or… End of the Week Science Article Roundup

Posted in Science and Technology on November 21, 2008 by hotpoo

I am considering setting up some sort of kinetic device to harvest energy from my children. It’s not really forced labor… they run non-stop, no matter what I do to stop them. Who am I to challenge the natural order of things? Besides, not only am I thinking of the children, I’m putting them to good use!,28804,1852747_1854195_1854172,00.html


Thank you again, Mr. Einstein, for being so frighteningly brilliant:


Not a new article, but still great stuff. When I last did a bit if research on it, the next generation phase was to make a smaller, “portable” version that the army could haul around on trailers. I want one for my backyard. I have enough diapers and dog crap to keep us warm all through the winter…

Had to happen eventually…

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Yup. I did it. I’ve joined the ranks of millions, and have created my own blog. Since I’ll be travelling quite frequently, I figured that this would be the best way for people to keep tabs on me. Or at least enable me to continue with my master plan for one-sided friendships!

Actually, I’ve been considering this for a while. Not exactly sure what I’ll write about, but it should be a pleasant diversion while travelling. I’ll try to keep you either amused with my ramblings, or put you to sleep. Either way, I’m doing my part for the greater good!