Yes, I am…

A technology whore… it’s true! I don’t know what it is about about handheld multifunction devices that give me a full-on robot chubby. Probably the massive amount of sci-fi injested as a child. I do want to live in the house of next tuesday, but I’ll pass on the plankton.

Anyway, I got a new phone last week. She’s pretty. Some compatibility problems with older software and the new device, as they opted to turn some of the softkeys into real “soft keys.” I.E. hardware buttons went bye-bye. The tilt sensor is amusing, and I’m beginning to like the Manilla touch interface… now that I’ve actually figured out how to customize it a bit.

As I cannot help myself when it comes to dicking around with electronics (my mother would tell you horror stories of hundreds of disassembled toys), I’ve already swapped out the OS for a modified one (thank you, Mr. NATF). Much faster now, but the gps has decided to take a crap for some reason. That’s karma, folks.

-edit- GPS issue resolved. Go me!

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