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Random science posts…

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Repulsive quantum effects measured. Sure it doesn’t mean much for you, but it’s a giant leap for the science of nanomachines.

A poisonous shrew? Who knew? And I thought that Australia had the patent on odd mammals.

Here are some odd sounds that the NOAA Acoustics Monitoring Program picked up. No one really knows what they are, but there is a lot of speculation. My favorite is the Bloop, for this little tidbit of speculation I found on the Tom Francis blog:

The Bloop is an unidentified noise picked up twelve years ago by several sets of military hydrophones in the Pacific. Unlike other unidentified sonic events, it matches the frequency signature of the type of sounds made by living creatures. The problem is that the largest known animal on Earth is too small to have produced it.

Creepy, if you think about it. I’m voting for Cthulhu, but it’s the wrong ocean. I’m pretty sure that R’lyeh is supposed to be in the Atlantic.


I need to use my good friend Mr. Wikipedia more often. R’lyeh is in the Pacific. Lovecraft Mythos fail…

Some random funnies for you…

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I’m not a Team Fortress 2 player… just don’t have much time for video games these days. These videos are pretty classic, however. My favorite thus far is meet the sniper.

Both of the letters on this page are pretty funny. Scroll down to read the second. Eloquent, and hysterical.

I’ve recently fallen in love with Top Gear. Check out their review of the Atom, and this little experiment to turn a Robin Reliant into a rocket. That’s one small step for a man…

Sugar Lumps

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First Install Completed!

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It’s only a week behind schedule, but finally done! Go me!

I’ll be glad to put San Jose behind me for a while. Sweating in a cramped cleanroom compartment for 8 hours a day with no ventilation is not exactly my idea of fun. BTW, the streetlights here are some sort of strange yellow sodium. Almost exactly the same color as the yellow lights on the traffic signals, which makes driving while tired… interesting.

Funny picture of the day: FLEE!Flee!

Back in San Jose…

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Due to some… issues… last week, we were not able to complete our installation. So we are back. Weather is nicer this time, at least, and we have a better / closer hotel. Since we seem to have all the parts we need this time, I’m hoping we can wrap this up by Thursday. It’ll be nice to have this first one out of the way. I was able to extract my first lamella, by the way. It was a proud moment… felt like I was driving a nanoscale bulldozer. Which is actually not far from the truth.

In other news, my travelling companion (mentor, teacher, trainer, whatever) is bloody slow. I’m a morning person… don’t mean to be, but kids / work has defined that. She is not. I find myself killing a lot of time in the morning, waiting for her to get ready. If I was travelling alone (as I will be the next time I do this), I would have been into work an hour ago… Poopy.

Um… maybe we shouldn’t?

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It’s great that we have the technology… or at least will have the technology soon. Just because we can, however, doesn’t mean we should. Let’s figure out solutions to some other problems first, before we start raising the dead…


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I really hope we can keep the Hubble alive as long as possible. Or come up with a better equivalent. It’s things like this that make the entire project worthwhile… in my opinion.

Satyam Accounting Fail

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More news on the Satyam front. Read one of the articles here. Favorite quote:

Interim Chief Executive Officer Ram Mynampatisaid Satyam may have to restate earnings and he couldn’t be sure the company had enough cash for this month. “Our liquidity position is not very encouraging,” Mynampati told reporters in Hyderabad today.

Haha. Yeah… only 50 billion rupees worth of “fictitious assets.” Our bad.

This is also killing the Indian stock market and rupee. It’s equivalent to the Enron scandal that helped put the final nails in “dot com implosion” coffin that rocked the US market not so very long ago.

Several someones are going to burn for this, I assure you. Pity they aren’t like China… they would simply behead them.

I only have one thing to say about this…

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Ha ha!


Ahhh… Better now…

Testing… testing… is this thing on?

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I’m trying out a new app that should allow me to update the blog via my phone. I am such a geek…