I’ve been enjoying the prose of Tom Francis of late. It’s a gaming blog… I know, I know… there are a million of them. The selling point, however, is his excellent sense of humor and writing style. Let me give you some examples:

From Fallout Girl: The Road To Tenpenny Towers:

I bought a dress only mildly stained with the blood of the dead, a magnificent bonnet to shade my emotionless murderer’s eyes, then pickpocketed my money back and headed up to the penthouse for some light genocide.

And from Far Cry 2: Impersonation Of A Buddy:

Here’s how good an idea Michelle had about my first ever mission: once I’d done what she asked, after I’d cauterised the wounds, plucked the shrapnel from my flesh and put out most of the fires on my person, I found her and – without a word – shot her in the spine. As she attempted to hobble away, I slit her throat with a machete, then drove it through her chest, shot her six times in the face with her own Magnum and set fire to her corpse. Then ran it over.

The idea of setting up an ambush, Michelle, is that the enemy should get ambushed. Not me, twice.

Today’s screenshot theme: Car Crashes I Would Later Be Unable To Satisfactorily Explain To The Authorities.

Good stuff, I assure you.

He and one of his friends have been working on making shorts with the GTA IV editor. This one in particular is not Tom’s, but it’s worth watching… several times.

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