Back in San Jose…

Due to some… issues… last week, we were not able to complete our installation. So we are back. Weather is nicer this time, at least, and we have a better / closer hotel. Since we seem to have all the parts we need this time, I’m hoping we can wrap this up by Thursday. It’ll be nice to have this first one out of the way. I was able to extract my first lamella, by the way. It was a proud moment… felt like I was driving a nanoscale bulldozer. Which is actually not far from the truth.

In other news, my travelling companion (mentor, teacher, trainer, whatever) is bloody slow. I’m a morning person… don’t mean to be, but kids / work has defined that. She is not. I find myself killing a lot of time in the morning, waiting for her to get ready. If I was travelling alone (as I will be the next time I do this), I would have been into work an hour ago… Poopy.


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