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I like to Movits Movits.

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Different. Swing / rap in Swedish? Farking good stuff, surprisingly.

It should be against the rules to get a song stuck in your head when you don’t understand a bloody spoken word. Not fair.

Powder 112 released!

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Again… missed this by a few days. Get it!

YouTubery Goodness.

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Ran across a couple of funnies I wanted to share (and remember where to find them again):

Yeah Yeah. I know it’s a chick song. Break up and recovery kinda crap. It’s cute and I like it. Deal.

Another one from the same girls. Cracks me up.

Ok… I have to apologize in advance for this one. Wiki tells me that Gunther is just a saterical persona based off the singer’s experience as a Swedish model and dance club owner. You can read whatever you like into that. I personally like to believe that he’s really being serious, and just sucks that much. BTW, this might get stuck in your head.

Same guy. This one is friggin hysterical. I choke from laughing each time I watch it. The part in the hot tub is classic.

Wut’s, uh, the deal?

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Been a busy of couple of weeks for me at Camp Dork:

  • Completed an escalation in Fishkill, NY.
  • Visited the Big Apple.
  • Flew back to Portland and took care took my mind off my money, and my money off my mind (finally!).
  • Beat off conficker again with a mighty stick. Finally convinced the Powers That Be to follow my instructions to keep it out of the environment.
  • Flew back to NY to install another tool in Albany (at SUNY). Did this one in record time, as the install was supposed to take 10 days. Good thing, as they closed the fab 5 days early…
  • My little sister brought new life into the world. Welcome to the circus, Phynley (or however that is spelled)!
  • Found out that the new tool I installed at Sematech (the Albany nanotech consortium) is fucked, for lack of a better adjective. Spent 3 weeks trying to help the field service guys with various issues, including our first field stage replacement.
  • Helped my buddy Guy move into his new casa. I am VERY happy that I will not have to move his television ever again. Especially down a flight of stairs. Ouch.
  • Bid my boss a fond farewell. There goes one of the few competent people I’ve ever worked for.
  • Gave up on trying to help the field service guys remotely, and I’m back in Albany again. After about 16 hours of tuning the motors (yes, it is as exciting as it sounds), and uncovering a kink in the vacuum line, I think the tool is finally going to behave. If it doesn’t, I’m going to hit it with a hammer…

So, here I sit in soggy Albany, trying to decide what the hell it is I’m going to do for the weekend. The customer will not have their new wafer ready until Monday, so I’m going to be cooling my heels all weekend. Not that this is a terrible place to be stuck, mind you. I’ll gladly take Albany over Fishkill any day. I have to admit, I’m a bit  bored though. It’s wet, and not really conducive to adventuring, even though I thought ahead enough to bring with the rain gear (also know as my normal day to day clothes in Portland). I did the downtown tour last time I was here (i’ll upload pics soon). I didn’t plan on being here this long, so I didn’t bring the camera with… not that I would really want to bring it out into the rain. Good thing the hotel has a customer laundry facility. I’m down to my last clean pair of… well… everything.

I guess it’s going to be a fine evening of Yeunglings, Kindom of Loathing, getting a bite and a couple of beers at the Albany Pump Station (highly reccomend going there, if  you are ever in Albany), some Diablo II (yes, you heard me right), and some more beer. Beer beer beer beer.

Better get to it. Getting thirsty for some reason…