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Who are you callin’ a cootie queen, you lint licker?

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A couple of my favorite commercials from last year. I watch way too much television to actually have favorite commercials, I guess.


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Wait, by Sarah McLaughlin

Under a blackened sky
far beyond the glaring streetlights
sleeping on empty dreams
the vultures lie in wait
You lay down beside me then
you were with me every waking hour
so close I could feel your breath

When all we wanted was the dream
to have and to hold that precious little thing
like every generation yields
the new born hope unjaded by their years

Pressed up against the glass
I found myself wanting sympathy
but to be consumed again
oh I know would be the death of me
and there is a love that’s inherently given
a kind of blindness offered to appease
and in that light of forbidden joy
oh I know I won’t receive it

When all we wanted was the dream
to have and to hold that precious little thing
like every generation yields
the newborn hope unjaded by their years

You know if I leave you now
it doesn’t mean that I love you any less
it’s just the state I’m in
I can’t be good to anyone else like this

When all we wanted was the dream
to have and to hold that precious little thing
like every generation yields
the new born hope unjaded by their years…

Two Gentlemen of Lebowski

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The Big Lebowski, rewritten as a Shakespearean play. Two words: simply brilliant.

VMware Server 2.0.x on Ubuntu 9.10

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All you need to know is here: Works perfectly… much better than banging my head against the keyboard.

New Years Resolution Addendum

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Dear Diary,

In lieu of recent unpleasantries, I have decided to add some additional items regarding flight travel to my list of New Years Resolutions:

  1. I will discontinue informing stewardesses that I have an “explosive device” in my underpants. Sadly, that was my last good line.
  2. I will cease grabbing my crotch at the security line, and stating loudly, “God, this shit is really uncomfortable!”
  3. I will no longer ask my seat-mates if I can borrow a lighter or some matches before I step into the plane lavatory.

Thank you. That is all.

Just plain creepy.

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This is a cg short called Alma by one of the Pixar animators. It’s beautiful, dark, and more than a bit creepy. I’m pretty sure that I’ve had this same nightmare before. Not for kids, unless you enjoy traumatizing them early.

Bwaa ha ha haaaa…

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Funnies for today:

Aw shucks. Thanks Sean!

That's right. Directly from my cerebellum.

HTC Touch Pro 2

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Oh yeah… totally forgot… I got a new phone last November. My Touch Pro finally died the great death. Actually, it still worked, but only the touch screen. The entire button assembly went wacko, and it did all sorts of somewhat interesting yet mostly annoying things. Pfft. The microphone sucked on that thing anyway.

So, my buddy the telecom admin hooked me up to the HTC Touch Pro 2. Very sweet phone. WVGA screen, fast processor, lots of memory, and an excellent radio. GPS acquisition is good… only taking about 5 to 15 seconds (depending on my surroundings), and microphone quality is very high… even in windy conditions, or places with a lot of background noise. It’s a bit heavy, but the big responsive touch screen and tilting slid-out keyboard are worth it.

Of course, I cannot just leave well enough alone as I hate the AT&T roms. I’ll admit, they are finally getting better. They are still filled with crap you’ll never use (or can only use a few times without having to pay for it), and cannot remove. Thus, I had the thing running a hacked SPL and modified rom within the hour. Yes. I’m a dork. The newer Windows Mobile 6.5 roms are pretty good… not much of a change from 6.1. A little bit more zip, with a little less overhead. Could do without the stupid iphone-like menu interface. I don’t care if my crap has fancy icons, nor do I care about widgets. I’m not a fan of the iphone, and don’t like that M$ is pushing the interface in the same direction. What do I know, though?

Anyway, I only have a couple complaints in the engineering department:

  1. No action button or D-Pad. Ok… fine. I knew that this was going to happen eventually, and I can live without it. This does allow the phone to have a larger screen size. What about the applications that require it, though? Yes, HTC. I’m talking to you. Come on… not even an action button? There is an entire world of games out there I can no longer play now. You could have sacrificed that stupid little zoom pad at the bottom of the screen, and put in D Pad there. Or a small action button, for the love of god. How about some sort of SW emulated D Pad. Throw a brother a bone here…
  2. No 3.5mm adapter. Really? What year is it? I’ve got to plug my headphones into this ginormous mini usb adapter that’s damn near as big as the phone (same story as the last 4 HTC phones I’ve had over the last 4 years). There is certainly enough room on the bottom for the jack. Oh wait… looks like they changed their minds after releasing the initial version, and now include it on Sprint, Verizon, and Telus phones. Sorry AT&T customers… SSDD. *bangs head on desk*
  3. Why on earth is the reset button on the inside of the battery cover? What purpose does that serve? I always assumed the reason for having the reset button exposed (yet recessed, of course) was to allow you to reset the phone w/o having to remove the battery cover. ‘Cause… ya know… you could just pull and replace the battery at that point, rather than poking the stylus into that itty bitty hole. Would be faster, you know. Oh wait… you have to take the stylus out to put the battery cover back on anyway. Maybe that should be complaint 4…

Many steps forward in a lot of areas, and a couple of steps back. Maybe one or two sideways. Regardless, best smartphone I’ve owned to date. Except, I’ve already broken it. Somehow, the LCD layers separated a bit inside, and now I have what appears to be a minor oil spill taking up the middle of my LCD screen… and it’s getting larger. Phone and screen seem to still work properly, but it cannot be a good thing. Replacement is on the way… let’s hope this one lasts a bit longer than 2 months.

I’m such a geek for posting this…

Best Phantom Menace Review… ever…

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Ok… it’s a bit long. 7 parts at 10 minutes a pop. If nothing else, watch the first one, though. Well worth the time. High-larious.

If you like it, you should check out the rest of it:

What I learned in 2009…

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  1. Electricity hurts. Oddly, low voltage hurts more than high voltage. If the voltage is high enough, it just knocks your ass out.
  2. No matter where I am in the world, standing outside and smoking seems to be an invitation for odd conversations with odd people. I must have a very non-confrontational demeanor. Or I’m a freak magnet. I suspect the latter…
  3. You can, in fact, drink yourself stupider. See… told you so.
  4. There is very little you cannot accomplish with a Dremel. I would not try to us it for self applied dentistry, however. They should post that shit on the outside of the manual.
  5. That which does not kill you, makes you stronger… or gives you really bad diarrhea…
  6. Take a backup copy of your hard drive any time you travel. If your computer gets a virus while you are watching porn, is that technically an STD?
  7. United can suck a nut. Sadly, I now feel I’ve received excellent customer service when I receive a complimentary drink full of ice and micro-snack packet on other airlines. Never thought I would ever say this, but Horizon rocks. Two words: free beer. Suck it, United.
  8. The big B is surprisingly painless. Maybe it just seems painless after the phone call hell we entered when we stopped paying our creditors. Seriously, after 30 days the fuckers call non-stop. One night, B of A called my cell phone 17 times in 5 minutes. Nice. The credit companies are nothing compared to the collection agencies, however. Some of them use some surprising tactics that seem to ride the fine line of legality. Like tracking down people you lived with 10 years ago (in other states, no less), friends, family members, and even your damn neighbors. Nothing stops them unless you commit to the big B, and then it seems to stop instantaneously.
  9. On the same token, none of them will lift a finger to help you unless you are behind on your payments. Even if you forewarn them of impending financial trouble. Feeling overwhelmed? Can’t make your monthly amounts, or want a better rate? Just stop paying the jerks for a month or two. You would be surprised at the deals they are willing to cut you at that point.
  10. I’m really bad at keeping my blog updated with anything meaningful… or updated at all, for that matter.
  11. I love Ireland, and want to live there someday.
  12. Also, never try to out-drink the Irish. You will lose.
  13. Never, ever, put a cat on your head. It hurts real bad…