Hey! I have a blog!

Ha ha. Silly me. I totally forgot about this thing.

Actually, that’s not true. Things have been quite chaotic for the past couple of months. I have:

  • Completed my first Advanced Microscopy course.
  • Got shackled to the factory floor until two more or built. Nothing says quality control like building something in half the time it should take. Can you say “Drastic shortcuts?” I knew that you could. All of this to add a few more clams to our end of quarter bookings. Are you happy now, Mr. Investor? Well, are you?
  • Finished moving into the mother-in-laws. That’s right. One big happy family. Mom in law, cranky pregnant wife, 5 year old, 3 cats, 1 dog (that thinks he is a 75lbs cat), and me. I do believe I have discovered the 10th circle of hell.
  • Didn’t get all the stuff moved out of the old place before some crack-head broke in. Lost pretty much all of my interconnect cables for the computer, power supplies, war driving kit, digital surround set, and other computer goodies. That stuff annoys me, but it’s just stuff. The crap that I’m really missing now is a sea turtle shell that was given to my wife, and my SS card. Doh! Stupid me. While I wish anyone luck that wishes to use this information (go ahead, steal my fucking identity… please), I still had to put our a fraud alert. Ah well. This is about the best time it could happen to me anyway.

It’s starting to quiet down now, which means the other shoe should drop right about… now. Waiting to get catapulted on a plane to far away places to achieve impossible goals…

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