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Just plain creepy.

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This is a cg short called Alma by one of the Pixar animators. It’s beautiful, dark, and more than a bit creepy. I’m pretty sure that I’ve had this same nightmare before. Not for kids, unless you enjoy traumatizing them early.

Summer Blockbuster

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Best movie I’ve seen all summer, by far. Epic imagery, terrific writing, amazing acting… it has it all…


Samurai and potty humor. My kind of flick.

Thanks, kid.

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I was getting my son ready for bed last night, after a long day of swimming in the neighbor’s pool. At one point, he reaches up and begins petting the hair on my bare chest. He then looks up and informs me, “You have very nice breasts.”

Funny and wrong, all at the same time. I’m feeling self conscious for some reason…


My wife informed me that he said something similar to her the other day. He was trying to pet her breasts, and she asked him to stop. He told her,

“But I like to! I do that. I do. It looks like fun!”

That’s my boy. They are son… they are…