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Bad little monkey…

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Yeah yeah. I know. I’ve been terrible about keeping this thing up to date. I entered into this little experiment with the intention of providing regular (albeit senseless) posts. That, apparently, has not worked out so well. I could claim a lot of excuses… but that is all that they are. Let’s just say I’ve  been too lazy to keep on it, and call it a day.

How about a nutshell of the past couple of… well… about the last year? Sure. Why not. Those are always fun.

I’ve been traveling a lot for work. I made it out to Ireland, and abused myself with whiskey and Vitamin G yet again. Damn you and your sweet delicious beverages, Ireland. All this has done is further reinforce my desire to live out there for a few years.

I went back to Montana for a high school reunion. The town I am from is very small (graduated in a class of 21, counting two exchange students), so they host reunions every five years for everyone. So, technically this was my 13th year reunion. It was very surreal seeing every one. We’ve all aged, but it appears that the old cliques haven’t died. In groups, everyone tended to gravitate to their old friends. Time does not appear to heal all wounds, I suppose. I picked up a nasty little cold while I was out there, which limited my fun times a bit. It was an interesting travel adventure (as usual for me), however. I may write more about it later.

I made a much longer trip for work soon after that. Went out to Fishkill NY for a couple of weeks, then went directly to Minneapolis MN. Both locations were sweltering hot (around 100 with humidity in the high 90’s), but not enough to make me sweat all my excess fats off. I did get a free weekend in MN, which I spend with the site manager at his cabin in Cheteck WI. I now love Wisconsonites and their beer. Giant, corn fed, freaks of nature that can consume an amazing amount. Love it.

We discovered that my wife was pregnant early in the year, and we had a daughter in September. I had forgotten how tiny a new person can be… and how loud. She’s the diametric opposite of her brother, who was about as easy of a baby as you could ever wish for. She’s a beauty though, and I’m totally her slave. I shudder to think how she will be as a teen.

Did I mention that I’m getting fat? I am. I hate it. Spending too much time on my ass, drinking  beer. My plan is to lose 20lbs by my 36th birthday, which should bring me down to a fighting weight of about 145. I’ll settle for 150, though.

After about a year and a half of pain, I discovered that I had a herniated disc in my neck. Pain filled my upper back, neck, right arm, and was causing me to lose feeling in my right hand. Surgery was a snap, but I developed a pretty severe staph infection at the incision point about a week after the surgery (right after they removed the staples). Not fun. The scar isn’t very pretty, but the pain is pretty much all gone. I still get periodic pains in my neck (at the spot where I am assuming they removed the offending piece of disc), which generally results in a little bit of numbness in my index and middle fingers on my right hand. Could be much worse…

After years of harassment, I finally signed up for a facebook account. Bane. This is probably a very good reason why I have not kept up on the blogging. Facebook makes you lazy. It is, however, and interesting social experiment. It has allowed me to get in touch with a great number of people I haven’t seen in a decade or more. Not all are my friends, but that seems to be the standard these days. We are quickly turning into a well networked, yet isolated culture. I hope this phase passes before my children grow into it.

Speaking of experiments, I attempted something moderately disgusting last year. I happened to purchase the wrong kind of deodorant, which ended up giving me a very feminine smell. After taking a lot of heat from friends, peers, and my wife, I decided to see what would happen if I didn’t use deodorant at all. End result: after an entire year, either no one noticed, or no one had the balls to say anything about it. Stupid.

I’m also quitting smoking. You’ll note that I did not say quit. I’ve been on and off that particular wagon many times in the past several months. Current status: under the wheel ruts.

Anyway, I’m killing time in the Singapore airport right now. I have a 10 hour delay going to Penang. It’s about 4:30am, and I’ve been up for more than 30 hours at this point. I guess this will be a sleep optional trip. I’m feeling a little disjointed, so I think I’ll just stop for now.

Thank the gods for 24 hour Starbucks. Coffee coffee java java nom nom…

hello world

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I’m baaaack!

New content coming soon, I promise.

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